Your Journey of Survival is an open-world game that is a fun combination of the best elements of first person shooter (FPS), survival, tower defense, and roleplaying (RPG) games. It presents building, mining, crafting, combat, looting, and exploration.

Exploration: Explore large and unknown worlds, starting with the wilderness of Njarovik. Scavenge the environment for resources to build new structures and craft new items.

Building: Build structures as massive as you can imagine and upgrade them with resources found in the world. Just be aware that gravity is a thing, so you will need to take into account the structural integrity of your buildings. Unleash your creativity!

Crafting: Craft items that range anywhere from basic items, such as a torch, to weapons and advanced items such as an Assault Rifle, and more! Some items you will need to learn recipes to unlock them and craft them, and maybe also a workbench occasionally here and there.

Combat: Survive in this world against AI such as bandits, wildlife, and more. Or you can survive against the AI and other players too! This is entirely up to you and customizable; this is Your Journey of Survival.

Survival: Survive against the environment, and more. You will also need food and water, and you will also need to survive against the elements too, such as rain, snow, hail, etc.

Destruction: Destroy – destroy as much as you want. Buildings, and most environmental objects can be destroyed. Go up against and raid other player’s bases in PVP or go up against AI in PVE.

Character: You will start out naked with nothing but your underwear on. Find resources to make clothes and armor or scavenge them off of other players or AI!

Durability: Durability is a thing in Your Journey of Survival – eventually, tools and weapons, etc. will break and need to be repaired or discarded for a new tool or weapon. Advanced items (such as weapons (such as guns), and modern tools, etc.) can be repaired at a Repair Bench.

Farming/Hunting: Farm a multitude of vegetables and fruits, and/or hunt wild animals that are in the world.

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