Control any country in the world. Have their politics, economy, and military in your hands. Shape your own version of WW3, a global pandemic, or create a custom scenario. Explore up to 66 planets and conquer through war or diplomacy. Become the ultimate strategist in the universe!

Lead any of the 220 countries/colonies (195 UN-recognized countries and 25 colonies/disputed regions) available to greatness, with more than 4000 regions within them.

Analyze your country’s economic stats – which come from real economy APIs -, build facilities, adjust tax/income laws and monitor your manpower. Keep track of your country’s growth and inflation rates to increase your currency strength. Manage, produce, and trade over 30 different types of resources. Can you become the most powerful economy in the world?

Make the best use of your intelligence, bomb your enemy with a variety of missiles, and take what is yours! Explore a huge database with real military units and weaponry.

Research new types of technology and be the most advanced country in the world! Dive into a huge technology center with more than 300 Technologies to master, such as nuclear energy, telescopes, and computer science.

Travel through a real 3D space environment. Send probes, rovers, and crews to other planets across the universe and win international space races.

Play in worldwide sports & entertainment events! Win to increase your international influence. Events will occur on regular basis to support infinite gameplay.

Win elections, form a coalition, and foster support from other political parties within your country. This is an optional feature for players who love politics.

Play in real scenarios from the modern era and shape the history of your world! Use the in-game modding tools to create your own scenarios and much more.

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