Immerse yourself in the darkness with Whispering Shadows, an immersive gaming experience that transcends traditional boundaries, exploring the deepest corners of the human mind.

Explore Minimalist Settings, Breathe Oppressive Atmosphere:
In this two-dimensional world, every step you take brings the protagonist closer to the thin line that separates reality from the nightmare. Minimalist decors, while evoking apparent simplicity, hide deep emotional nuances. Each visual element is carefully designed to amplify the emotional impact, creating a striking visual experience.

A Unique Auditory Odyssey:
Immerse yourself in this sensory experience where sound becomes your guide. The disturbing voices that resonate in your head are not just noises, but essential components of the narrative. Audio plays a crucial role, creating an immersive symphony of tormented thoughts and inner voices that guide your journey.

Schizophrenic Narrative:
Whispering Shadows offers a unique perspective by putting yourself in the shoes of a schizophrenic person. Experience the emotional ups and especially downs as you face the disturbing voices and tormented thoughts that emerge from the mind. Each breakthrough reveals a new aspect of the mental mess, offering a poignant glimpse into the complex reality of schizophrenia.

Minimalist Gameplay, an Intimate Connection:
Whispering Shadows offers minimalist gameplay to highlight the narrative and emotional aspect of the experience. Deceptively simple, your only means of interaction is a single key on your keyboard, used to advance. However, do not underestimate the power of this simplicity. Each step you take represents one more step in the protagonist’s psyche, creating an intimate connection between the player and the character.

Evolution of the protagonist:
As you progress through the various minimalist backgrounds, watch carefully the subtle changes that occur. The protagonist gradually loses color, reflecting the gradual loss of mental aspects. This visual transformation adds an emotional dimension to the gameplay, making every step significant.

Emotional Challenges:
Each scene offers unique emotional challenges, corresponding to the themes discussed, such as passion, friendship, family, love, mourning, and finally, the inevitable emptiness. These challenges manifest themselves through subtle events, visual changes, and audio variations, testing your understanding and empathy for the schizophrenic perspective.

No Return Choice:
Proceed with caution, because once you have passed a step, there is no turning back. This game mechanic reinforces the feeling of inexorability, parallel to the reality of schizophrenia, where choices can have lasting consequences.

Whispering Shadows offers a gameplay experience that goes beyond convention, encouraging reflection and empathy through simple but deep interactions. Each advance is an emotional exploration, an advance in the complex labyrinth of the mind. Will you dare to move forward, without ever looking back?

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