“The Resort” is a visual novel for adults only. Sun, sea, beach! An ordinary student draws a lucky ticket in a lottery and gets a trip to a resort, where he meets girls, one of whom will leave him with unforgettable memories.

Sun, sea, beach! An ordinary student draws a lucky ticket in the lottery and gets a trip to the resort of sunny Cyprus: the one where people with fat wallets usually vacation. Unbelieving his luck, young Miles is going to have a proper vacation before a year of hard study.
Three young beauties will help him in this: passionate and persistent Tina, fragile but determined Mirabel, and an affectionate waitress from a local cafe named Alma.
Miles, who has never received much attention from girls, finds himself surrounded by three at once. He will have to learn a lot about himself, get lost in a whirlpool of feelings and try to
make a choice that will be right for him.

Game Features:

Emotional journey: Deep emotions and complex relationships of the hero fill the exciting story.
Unique Characters: Each character has a unique personality, adding depth to the story.
Atmospheric Soundtrack: The sound background and music create a mood, immersing you in the atmosphere of the story.
Deep emotional experience: “The Resort” reveals human feelings, creating an inspiring and heartfelt story.

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