For this christmas you want to please your mother with the greatest gift. A piece of meat is a highly sought-after present in this medieval era.
Explore the forest, find what you are looking for and get back home. Easy until a supernatural entity starts to be curious about you !
The forest starts to change, reshaping to the will of this entity. It wants to play with you, it wants to hunt you.
You better be cautious with each of your movements and find something to protect yourself !


The core gameplay will alternate between free roam and point and click style.
Good reflexes and decision making are the keys to surviving the night !


Once the night starts to fall, you will have to go throught 4 levels.
Each level has the same common objective, upgrade your toy !
But they also have a unique quirk to them !
You will have to find the best strategy for all differents levels.

Challlenge yourself:

You will be able to unlock multiple endings.
They all have their own diffculty, if you are up for the challenge !

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