Walking through the forest, the girl found an interesting book, after reading which her world turned upside down for a while. And maybe forever.
The shadow flowers gently whispered to her, luring her further into the darkness, rustling their petals reproachfully.
Will she be able to cope? Will she give peace or will she find it herself? Who will meet her on the way?

Will She Be Able to Bear the Moral Of This Tale?


Tale of the Shadow World is a game that is based on the song MZLFF – “Сказка о Теневом мире”.
In this game you will plunge into an atmospheric world that is filled with something unusual and creepy, but at the same time interesting..

We invite you to find out who the Shadow Prince is, where and how this world came from and finally tell you about the fate of the girl who fell into this shadow nightmare.

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