Honey, please turn over the cards and see which girl you like, or you want them all.

Game introduction:
Welcome to my game! This is a casual and challenging card elimination game. Here, you will challenge your brain, clear the entire grid as quickly as possible by turning over cards, matching and eliminating, and unlock rich CG rewards.


1. Initial state of the game: You will face a grid with 18 face-up cards. Each card hides a unique pattern.

2. Turn over the cards: Choose any two cards, turn over their fronts, and remember their positions. This is where your memory challenge begins.

3. Matching Elimination: If two cards have the same pattern, they will disappear from the grid in a gorgeous way.

4. Clear the grid: Your goal is to clear the entire grid through continuous card flipping and matching elimination.

5. Time countdown: After the game starts, you will enter the time countdown mode. The countdown time for each level is different, which increases the sense of urgency of the game. After the countdown ends, unmatched cards will be reshuffled and the game continues.

6. Collect rewards: After successfully completing the level, you will unlock exquisite CG rewards. These rewards can be viewed in the in-game gallery.

Challenge your limits, improve your brain power, and enjoy the endless fun that the game brings you! Are you ready to face this unique and interesting challenge? let’s start!

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