Social status is a game of survival. Use your instincts and tactic to get ahead of the competition and see unlimited wealth.

Don’t forget your character vitals like food, water, sleep and toilet usage. If you let these indicators get low you will perish and loose everything. Also watch out for other players, especially if they have a weapon in their hand.

Gather resources from the open world to create a life of your dreams.

– open world survival mechanics
– crafting
– weapons, guns, equipment
– PVE raids on “bad” areas where criminals prosper
– become a criminal or become a cop depending on what matters most to you
– find jobs, careers and other sources of income in the world around you
– socialize in the town tavern
– lease a house or buy land and build your own house
– buy a car or steal a car. Use it to get around the world faster
– interact and/or text chat with other players
– customize your character with lots of different clothing and accessory options

Social Status is best played online with other players. However, it can be played offline where necessary.

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