Parts of this games revenue goes to charity. Check under the description
Dive into the squishy world of “Rogue Slime,” an adventurous journey of a unique slime character in a visually rich, isometric 2D roguelike world. In this action-packed game, players guide a brave little slime through labyrinthine dungeons, encountering a variety of enemies and mysterious environments.

“Rogue Slime” is a randomly generated action-adventure game with a twist of roguelike elements. As you control the main character, a slime with the ability to shoot slime balls, you navigate through an ever-changing landscape filled with challenges and surprises. The game features a collection of passive and active items, each offering unique effects and abilities to power up your slime, and powerups that are earned through leveling.

Each playthrough offers a new experience with varied items, enemies, and room layouts. Players will find themselves captivated by the dynamic gameplay and the depth of strategy required to progress through the game’s engaging levels. Will you evolve and adapt, overcoming the odds to guide your slime to victory?

Embark on this slimy adventure and uncover the secrets of “Rogue Slime,” where every play is a unique dive into an ever-evolving dungeon of delight and danger!

The author of this game has been helping out in the Ukraine war, working as a volunteer doing humanitarian work.
Because of this, half of the revenue of this game will be donated towards helping those most effected by the horrible effects of war.

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