Punzel is a minimalistic cartoon-style point & click adventure that focuses on puzzle mechanics based on social interactions with a set of diverse characters and personalities presented in an innovative stylized GameToon format.

The story plays in a universe where the princess, Punzel, is held in the Overlord’s castle tower in a bare room that is guarded by his loyal minions.
Occasionally a prince attempts to rescue her from the shackles of her captors but to her demise, none of them ever succeed.

After countless disappointments, Punzel is bored out of her mind. Tired of waiting, she decides to take action herself. She starts her escape by befriending the various creatures that live inside the tower by making use of all the means at her disposal.

The core mechanic of the game is based around social interactions: building friendships with the creatures and monsters you encounter using only gestures, reactions and facial expressions.

To try to escape from the Overlord’s grasp, you have to gather knowledge wherever you can find it

collect items to solve various mysteries and puzzles

and explore the secrets and treasures that lie hidden all over the castle.

The GameToon format is a combination between a game and a comic. Players will be able to play the GameToon Chapters one after another just like they were to read a comic book. The comic-like format also applies to the visuals and transitions of the game.

Also, there’s a variety of fun little slice-of-life comics related to the Punzel universe to be read online for some extra lore!

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