Attention gamers, the visual novel to solve all your problems has arrived. Aquapaulo Games brings you just what you were asking for: Hot single moms in your area!

“Pandemommyum! Hot Single Moms in My Area” is a hentai linear visual novel in which we follow an insecure office worker’s daily life with his neighbor Makoto. Makoto’s a popular physical therapist and part-time swim instructor at the local swim spa. She’s also a single mother, a tomboy, and a bit on the strong end of the comfort scale when it comes to her neighbor.
When Makoto wakes up with the idea that you two should form a harem, you know there’s no way to convince her otherwise. Even if the first step towards romancing all of Makoto’s friends starts with hooking up with your own boss!

What would an honorable married lady such as Mrs. Deiji want with a young, hung, fit, and hung beast of a guy such as your hung self? Nevertheless, our boss Kaori Deiji has kept her authoritative attitude even after showing tons of interest during the interview! As expected from your typical hard working cold-blooded company CEO.

…Unless she’s hiding something?

Will you two succeed, or will you cause a pandemonium? Involving moms? Like a… mommymonium of sorts.

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