In the tumultuous years of Albania’s communist regime, ruled with an iron fist by Enver Hoxha, the country became an isolated fortress of strict Marxist-Leninist ideology. As Hoxha’s government cut ties with the Soviet Union and later China, it isolated itself from the world, plunging its people into poverty and repression. In this atmosphere of paranoia and fear, Albania became a prime target for foreign subversion.

Foreign intelligence agencies, including the shadowy operatives of the CIA and other Western powers, sought to undermine the Hoxha regime. They deployed covert agents and paratroopers into the heart of this isolated nation, attempting to sabotage infrastructure, incite uprisings, and gather intelligence. These foreign agents faced a relentless adversary in the form of the Sigurimi, Hoxha’s feared secret police, and the ever-watchful eyes of the communist regime.

The Albanian people, oppressed by decades of communist rule, lived in constant fear but also harbored a burning desire for freedom. The mountains and rugged terrain of Albania provided the perfect backdrop for clandestine operations, with isolated villages serving as hubs of resistance.

As a player in this FPS multiplayer game, you’ll step into the shoes of either a foreign subversive agent or an Albanian patriot, each with their own mission objectives. Will you infiltrate a key facility, engage in high-stakes firefights, or coordinate with fellow players to spark a rebellion against the oppressive regime? The fate of Albania and its people rests in your hands as you navigate the treacherous landscape of communism and foreign intrigue

Here is an interesting story:

It was 1945 when the communist party took over in Albania. Most of welthy people was murdered without a trial, their properties were confiscated, their families were jailed. Some of them went abroad leaving their families and properties in the communists hands. Years later, some of them trained and filled with anger, were mistakenly dropped in vicinity of Lushnja city south Albania. They were well armed and willing to kill the leader of communist party, Enver Hoxha. 3 of them were sent, but were far from the capital. So they dressed casually begun to walk toward the nearest city when stumbled a patrol of 2 police members in the beach. One of the three, shot a burst killing them instantly with a silenced scorpion.

Took their guns and back pack. After that they saw the second patrol but one of the police patrol was in short pants since it was summer and he enjoyed fishing. Meanwhile the 2 groups were standing, watching curiously each other…. the one of the police patrol who was in uniform raised his gun but without any hesitation was bursted by the killers. The one who was in short pants stood there numbed without understanding the situation. They spoke in Albanian saying… “what are you doing here” he replied that he was fishing. It was like a nightmare, he still wasn’t aware of the situation

Later on, he remembers it was the only reason he was left alive, saying was there just fishing. Then they forced him to walk with them, one of them tied his arm with a wire. Poor guy was waiting to be killed. They went toward train station when…..

To be continued….

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