This game takes place in a classic fantasy kingdom which is threatened by monsters. The player is pulled into this world by a mysterious succubus. Initially being ignored or despised by the characters of the town, the player gradually starts earning their trust and eventually becomes the hero he was promised to be. At the same time, he is using every opportunity to get his many hidden and perverted desires fulfilled.

1) Point & click exploration:
Walk through town, talk to characters to get some background story, complete quests, acquire items and get stronger via training!

2) Turn-based combat:
Kill all monsters on the screen in order to earn more gold as well as the princess’s favor. Combat is simple but strategic, with weapons having different effects on specific monsters, a front and back row concept, and passive skills that’ll help you out in different ways.

3) Erotic scenes:
As the story progresses, you’ll unlock many private scenes with the characters. These scenes are fully animated and also offer some interactive elements. The scenes can also be unlocked directly if you don’t feel like continuing the story for the moment.

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