Sell tickets to customers that want to watch movies in your cinema!

Manage your own cinema in this first-person simulation game!

Defend your Cinema from Thugs and Troublemakers!

Discover the following features in Movie Cinema Simulator :
♦ Collect 20+ movies to show in your cinema 🎬
♦ Decorate your cinema in your own style 🎀
♦ Upgrade your cinema to welcome more customers 🍿
♦ Increase your cinema’s rating to attract special customers 👩👨
♦ Kick out thugs and delinquents who bothers your cinema 💪
♦ Keep your cinema clean 🧹
♦ Explore the big and mysterious city 🏙
♦ Decorate your house to be as pretty as possible 🏠
♦ Play minigames to get special rewards 🏀
♦ Recruit employees to help serve the customers 👩‍🍳👮‍♂️
♦ A first-person gameplay with lots of surprises to make your experience fun and exciting 🌟
♦ Complete achievements to get numerous rewards 🎁
♦ Follow the main story to return your grandfather’s cinema back to its glory days ✨
♦ Do side quests and get to know with the town citizen🎉
♦ It’s an offline game, so you don’t need an internet connection to play 👏

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