Immerse yourself in a dystopian world where humanity, as a result of its actions, has brought the planet to the brink of contamination. You live in a city built above the clouds of radioactive dust, devoid of a sense of purpose, participating in yet another “Groundhog Day” of the main character. Your task is to descend beneath the surface of the city to repair the autonomous system that ensures the functioning of the city’s inhabitants. Is it just another routine malfunction, or will today be the day that changes you forever? It’s time to answer the question of what your path and truth are.

Hand-drawn graphics
One of the unique features of our game is hand-drawn graphics. In the age of artificial intelligence, games created from AI-generated assets and photos, we have prepared hand-drawn graphics, scenes, and animations that create a unique atmosphere in Lazarus. An exceptional game deserves exceptional visuals, and Lazarus delivers just that. Your gameplay is the result of a significant amount of our time and energy. After all, what wouldn’t we do for a loyal player?

Immerse yourself in the game atmosphere
We have prepared a approximately 2-hour-long story written in a language that allows you to enter the body and mind of the main character. You will encounter both childish, humorous conversations and internal dialogues, as well as a serious quest for the meaning of life and purpose in this world.

Make choices
Make choices that will impact the further gameplay. Do you believe in the butterfly effect? If so, you have the option to experience it firsthand during the gameplay.

Different layers of gameplay
You can experience the game on different levels, allowing you to play it multiple times without feeling bored. It’s not obvious at first glance, so if you’re looking for something more in games, you will find a hidden message and a parallel story here. This doesn’t mean you can’t focus solely on the main storyline of the game and interpret it literally. That’s one of the magical elements of Lazarus.

Achievement Hunter, we have prepared Achievements that will enrich your collection. Of course, not all of them will be easy to obtain. In the end, you will be able to compare yourself in this regard against other players in “Lazarus a.d. 2222”. Are you up for the challenge of unlocking all the Achievements?

At certain moments, it’s worth taking a break from the main story and playing mini-games that add variety to the gameplay. Show off your wit, agility, and logical thinking by playing mini-games.

Gamepad support
In Lazarus, you can play with a gamepad. If you have played with a gamepad, let us know if you enjoyed the game’s controls on it.

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