“Journey To The Wand” is a challenging platform game with anime-style graphics.


In a village, there lived a wizard named Elowen. Elowen gazed at the clouds through her window as she slept at night, and when she woke up in the morning, she wanted to cast a spell and fly into the clouds with her wand. She performed the spell, took her wand with her, and just as she was about to fly into the clouds, her spell failed. Elowen remained on Earth, while her wand, along with some earthly objects, flew into the clouds. Elowen embarked on a journey using her human abilities to retrieve her wand.

Main Features of the Game:

Challenging Platforms: Players will navigate Elowen through various challenging platforms, requiring jumps, runs, and climbs.

Graphics and Atmosphere: The game captivates the player with high-quality anime-style graphics and atmosphere.

Various Traps: The game consists of levels not only with straightforward objects but also with physical features and objects with various movements, creating diverse and dynamic challenges.

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