Fiora Arc
Care for the island while fighting for your life to escape Cardigan

The Project is Around 30 Minutes Long, and a Wild Experience hope you Enjoy!

Fight Your Way Through B’s Life And Whoever Stands In His Way

Enjoy a rich and simple fighting system that will make you come back for more.

Pick, Plant, Water and Grow Flowers For Stats

Find and collect your favorite flower seeds to grow your own flowers. These flowers will help raise your stats in Cardigan.

Control A Colony Within The Flowers You Plant

Become a leader of a Pippen colony. Pippen’s live within every flower, why not be their leader and strategize their survival against everything that lies within the flowers and fades.

Skill Tree

Gain energy from picking flowers and advancing a flower colony, pay for skills that will help you around the island, also your very own WATER BOY!


Go through the complex life of B as he struggles to balance his life between the island that calls to him, and fighting his way to the top of the gangs of Cardigan.

Legendary Flowers

After purchasing the skill, when growing flowers you have the chance to grow a special legendary flower!

Island Friends!


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