Enter a new world here.

Everyday objects talk, listen to what they say. The world has a sickness. Artificial created skin has begun rotting. In the world you are from your family has died, but in other they are still alive. Your family in other worlds will not last long as the infection in each world they reside in is growing and seeking their end. You must travel through each world that versions of your family exist in to reclaim your lost soul and rebuild your body. With them still alive and you dead, they will not last long. In their worlds they need you and you must save them before the sickness rots their skin away.

Perform the ritual to remove the sickness from your corpse, free your soul then attach it to your newly formed body. Fight the endless hordes of the sickness born from the finger trees as your pass through each bridge world. You must return every dead you, to your family.

Prepare for the world of Finger Trees in this dark FPS.

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