Escape from this dark dimension and return to reality!

On an ordinary day, a student is suddenly and mysteriously transported to a parallel reality: an abandoned place immersed in darkness. Surrounded by sinister dolls and with no sign of human life, her mission is clear: find a way out of this nightmare and return to the real world.

“Dolls” is a first-person horror game that immerses the player in a dark environment filled with dimly lit corridors and disturbing sounds. Discover the hidden secrets in this macabre setting and unravel the mysteries behind this terrifying experience.

Be careful in the dark, there may be beings who do not welcome your presence!

Amidst the shadows and wreckage of this abandoned place, it is essential to remain vigilant, as dangerous creatures roam the dark corridors, sensing your presence. Proceed with extreme caution and avoid looking back at all costs.

Try to escape as quickly as possible before going insane in the darkness.

Explore the darkness, solve puzzles, and run to find an exit, but this won’t be an easy task, as the inhabitants of this dimension are keenly aware of your presence!

And uncover all the secrets of this shadowy place.

What is this place? Who are these dolls? How did I end up here? Embark on the exploration and unravel the mysteries of this dark reality while searching for an exit.

Game Features

  • See the game world through the eyes of the main character, providing an immersive first-person experience.
  • Enjoy a heavy and ominous atmosphere that keeps the tension at its peak, immersing you in horror.
  • Navigate detailed environments and explore eerie locations to uncover secrets and find essential items.
  • Immersive and unsettling sounds heighten the suspense and fear throughout the game.
  • Uncover a compelling story while unraveling the mysteries of the alternate reality.

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