Diabetor was wreaking havoc on diabetics across the nation. He convinced diabetics it was healthy to eat high carb diets and it was destroying their A1C causing horrible complications and unhealthy lifestyles. The world needed a hero, and it came in the form of a middle-aged husband and father named Spencer. Years ago, he read a book that held the secret on how to defeat Diabetor. He first used this knowledge to reverse his diabetic complications and lower his A1C from 7.1 to 4.7. With his newly gained powers he became the Insulator! It was now time to defeat Diabetor and his evil sugar monsters!

Diabetor and the sugar monsters puts you in direct control of fighting the sugar monsters using you insulin launcher. Learn about what foods are good for you to consume and beat through a multitude of enemies, levels, and bosses in this action packed adventure! Diabetor and the sugar monsters was initially released as an educational game for the game boy and it is now reaching new audiences as a stand alone PC game! The goal is to teach people about their Diabetes in a way that is fun and not very hard. Learn facts about Diabetes such as what foods are healthy for your diet and goals to trying to avoid sweets.

Expect to fight through 8 completely diverse worlds and defeat 6 bosses that represent the sugar monsters. In the end you will battle Diabetor himself to save the world!

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