DETECTIVE: Stella Porta Case, puts you in the shoes of a detective who investigates three strange disappearances.

In all cases there is a contract signed by the disappeared, that contract is from an organization called “Stella Porta”.

Each case presents a completely different scenario, but they all seem to be connected in some way, as a detective your job is to solve the cases and find the connection between them.

As a police detective, you must reach the crime zone and collect all the evidence you see, these evidence will help you later to solve the case. Anything is important, details, objects, conversations, you will need to be observant in order to move forward.


  • Three different cases.
  • You will have to mark the evidence and photograph it.
  • Once you have the evidence, you must go to your office and order it to solve the case.

DETECTIVE: Stella Porta Case, is dark and macabre, showing unfiltered contemporary social reality.

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