A long and stressful day has Christopher drinking his problems away. But after he has one too many drinks, he passes out on the sidewalk outside of the bar. He wakes up in a strange, dark, and cold landscape with no sound but the howls of the night and song of the wind as it blows mountains of snow. He recognizes this nightmare and is determined this time to get to the bottom of these strange fabrications.


Deep In The Snowy Night 2 brings back the “trial and error” style of the original, but with refined movement to make the game feel more realistic. You once again find yourself venturing through different environments. This time, a neighborhood, Town’s square, Brewery, Snow marsh, a city and more. Your objective is to once again collect items to aid in your escape whilst trying to avoid being caught by whatever lurks nearby. DITSN 2 brings on new AI foes to go against while bringing back some familiar faces. As well as the newest feature, temperature.


Deep In The Snowy Night 2 presents a much colder climate. A number next to your stamina will display your body temperature (Starting at 98F). As time progresses, your temp will slowly fall with the rate depending on the level. Once your temperature drops to 95F, its game over. The ONLY way to prevent this is collecting Firewood throughout your mission and bringing 3 to a fire pit that will be present in every level. You can only carry 3 pieces of firewood at a time. Once lit, the fire will bump your temp back up to 98.

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