Dark forest; It is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) survival game that aims to find a lost treasure by fighting mutant wolves, legendary guards and mythological beings.

You are struggling alone. Are at middle of forest where no one can give you a hand. There is nobody besides you. A forest nobody dare to get there, even if they do so, they can’t go out of forest alive. It is that kind of mysterious forest that you are looking for a treasure, in order to find it you clashing with gods, guards and mutant living beings in it. Your bravery will lead the way.

Story Mode

A treasure that has been lost for centuries… a treasure guarded by the god Horus and destroyed by any being that dared to approach! 20 different traces were identified, almost all of them were visited, but no results were obtained from anywhere. But only in one place! A god awaits you at the end of the adventure in this forest, which is full of mutant wolves and where legendary invincible warrior guards are found when you delve into its depths. The god Horus can only be defeated with the legendary sword, and with this sword he can kill a god only in the hands of the chosen one. The most important condition for success in this adventure is to be the chosen one for the treasure. So are you that chosen one? If you believe that you are the chosen one, the Dark Forest awaits the owner of the treasure. You have to overcome the mutant wolves, fight the guards and finally win a relentless fight with the god Horus, the guardian of the treasure.

Fight to live

Gods, Guardians and Mutant wolves. Destroy them all. You must survive in this jungle.


Pistol, rifle, machete, knife and legendary sword. This sword can even kill a god.

Realistic Weather

Real weather and rain effect. You will feel like you are at home.

High-End Graphics

Realistic images make you feel like you’re in the game.

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