Welcome to the captivating world of Cybercore Leap, an experimental platformer game. As a passionate developer, my goal was to push the boundaries of the genre, and I’m thrilled to share this unique adventure with you.

Innovative Jump Mechanic:
Experience the JumpPack, an innovative jumping mechanism that provides unprecedented control over altitude and distance. By holding the jump key, you can adjust your jump to reach new heights. However, gravity quickly takes hold when you stop using your JumpPack, requiring thoughtful strategy for each leap.

Energy Crystals and Antigravity Grappling:
Master the art of mobility with energy crystals and the antigravity grapple. Cling to crystals to unleash your JumpPack from its limits, adding a new dimension to your exploration. However, every choice has consequences, as the grapple has limited reach. Find the perfect balance between the power of JumpPack and the constraints of the grapple.

Progression and Hybrid Saving:
Navigate through carefully calibrated challenge-filled corridors, often requiring a unique solution. The hybrid saving system combines major save points and bonus lives provided by your faithful assistant. Enjoy the balance between challenge and second chance.

Unique Graphics:
While graphics may not be my forte, the game is not uniformly ugly and has its distinct charm.

Double Jump Mechanism:
Later in the game, unlock a double jump mechanism that transforms your assistant. This new ability combines with your JumpPack and Antigravity Grappling for more nuanced jump management.

Although the game is primarily linear, maze phases add an exploration touch, with light probes to guide you and mark your path.

Dive into the world of Cybercore Leap where every jump, every decision matters. Let the adventure begin!

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