Get ready to brawl in this side-splitting showdown where fighters don’t just bring their fists to the fight, but their wackiest costumes and zaniest moves.

‘Costume Fighter’ is not your typical fighting game – it’s the hottest extravaganza that will keep you entertained and in stitches for hours on end. Get ready to embrace the chaos, battle in style, and become the champion of getting laid. Are you ready to dress for success and fight for orgasms?

Complex movesets
Explore more than 12 different poses in all the scenes. Including pre-fixed camera angles for a more cinematique experience or use the free-movement camera to achieve those impossible shots that tickle your fancy.

1v1 is only the beginning
Threesome mode is availible in all our scenes. We all now 1v1 works, but get the “fight” to another level adding one more character to the action.

Inlcuding 4 different moneyshot finisher moves to end with style!

Fully Voice Acted Action
We let our VAs know what they were getting into ahead of time so thankfully nobody passed out when they received their scripts. The result of their hard work should get you even harder!

A Growing Roster
Just like a strip club next to the airport, we know we need to keep adding to our depth chart. Which is why we plan on releasing more characters in the future for your enjoyment!

With no-VR compatibility for Windows, and VR support for Vive and Quest, we’ve aimed to make our fighters new adventures accessible to everyone who’s brave enough to enter the arena!

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