In Containment Zones, random hordes of enemies try to conquer the map and you must stop them. To do this, you must attack and destroy the energy sphere that appears on the map when the combat begins.
Position yourself on the map to find a good position to attack the sphere, and increase your power collecting energy drops from enemies, but beware to not be cornered.

Key Features:

  • Different Containment Zones: There are 5 different maps, with different gameplay approaches.
  • Types of Enemies: There are 4 types of enemies and they have some random statistics, requiring different tactics from the player.
  • 3 Power Levels: Increase your power collecting energy to defeat enemies more easily.
  • Random Hordes: Enemies appear in different points on the map and on different moments, trying to corner the player.
  • Unique Matches: All these features ensure that a new match is different from the previous.

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