“Christmas Runner – Rocket Boot Adventure” is an exciting Christmas-themed parkour game where players become a rocket boot runner, navigating diverse terrains, overcoming various obstacles, and pushing their limits.

A 3D side-scrolling parkour game
Rooted in the concept of the original Dino Run. We’ve taken it a step further by enhancing the gameplay and introducing a variety of rocket boots, enabling characters to perform a wider array of actions, resulting in a more captivating and enjoyable gaming experience.

Rocket Boots
After obtaining the Rocket Boots item, you can use it for multiple jumps or hovering function. Choose the rocket boots that suit you for each level and combine them with various actions to navigate through various obstacles. There are also oxygen tanks and jet engine items that can enhance the capabilities of the Rocket Boots.

Shield and coin
Collect coins, which can be used to purchase a one-time-use shield. This shield can absorb one collision damage and provide damage immunity for a brief moment.

Easy to control and operate
Players can effortlessly manage character actions like jumping, double jumping, sliding, and activating jet propulsion using only the up and down arrow keys. The game’s AI will decide which actions to perform based on your inputs and the timing offset, executing a variety of actions accordingly.

Scalability and Extensibility
Often, players wish to introduce something different or add new elements to the games they love, but this is typically a challenge in most games. However, in our game, we employ an efficient engine capable of running scripts on the fly. These scripts are editable, eliminating the need to create an entirely new game. You can simply make modifications and shape your unique version, allowing you to create the game you want.

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