Picture this: a viral storm sweeps the globe, sparing women but turning every man into a zombie in just 5 days.

Guess who defied the odds? Yours truly – the last man standing in this post-apocalyptic playground!

Surprisingly, being the lone dude has its perks. Suddenly, I’m a hot commodity with 28 beautiful babes vying for my attention. Life at the end of the world isn’t so bad, right?

But hold on, it’s not all smooth sailing. My lovely companions are stranded in safehouses across the city, running low on supplies. So here I am, the self-proclaimed hero of the hour, the only man for the job.

Embark on this epic quest with me, battling zombies, making tough choices, and, of course, saving the day. The apocalypse may have claimed the world, but I’m determined to save my 28 girlfriends from its clutches. Let the adventure begin!

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