At the beginning, I was thinking of writing 99 love poems and then pursuing a beautiful woman with one every day.
But as I write, I realize that some love poems that pursue beautiful women may not have very good quality, but I am not willing to throw them away.
And because I was writing, I became interested in writing love poetry itself.
So, I also wrote some love poems that are not suitable for pursuing that beautiful woman.

In short, by writing, I had the idea of publishing a collection of love poems.
Later on, I thought it would be quite good to turn these contents into a game.
So, you see here.

Okay, now let’s briefly introduce this game.
This game can be considered a text puzzle game.
After the name of the poem appears, two options will appear simultaneously.
Then players can rely on their previous learning of poetry and try to guess which option is more likely to be correct.
After selecting the first option, the second option will appear immediately after it, and so on until the entire love poem is completed.

If players feel that their occasional choices are wrong and they lose the smooth experience of continuous clearance,
Players can also click on the start interface of the game to enter the collection of love poems.
After reading it once or twice, entering the game mode again will greatly improve the success rate of clearance.

Finally, let me remind you that this game is a slow and gentle one.
This game may only allow people who love poetry, are calm and have leisure time to waste,
Find some fun in some love poems.

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